Lose Your Fear of Fat

Fear of Fat I have given extra-virgin olive oils as gifts to friends and relatives only to find them using these wonderful products sparingly. In fact, after a year they still have the same bottle! What is the problem? Americans have grown up with a fear of fat. I only have myself to blame. As…

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From Women of Upstate New York Magazine, March 2016 Issue By: Linda Quinn, MS, RDN There are several definitions for the word Scavenger. After meeting an amazing performance artist and aerialist who called herself a Scavenger, I decided this term could also apply to me. The definition: To search through a place for useful items….

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coco beach 2015 017

Do we ALL really want to be happy?

As I walk around or ride my bike, smiling and waving, I am constantly confronted with people who do not want to smile back. They are “busy”. They see people like me and want to kill me! Or at least run me over with their car and maim me! I didn’t realize this until I…

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Do what you Love!

As I ride my bike along Sun Bay with the sunshine on my back and the breeze in my hair, I think how lucky and grateful I am. Ten years ago I could have never imagined that I would be living this island life. A life where I jump out of bed and walk to…

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